The Invasion or Perkins Triumph - a Protestant Print. Inscrib'd to all true Lovers of their Religion & Liberty.

Method Etching
Artist after Charles Mosley
Published n.d. c. 1745
Dimensions Image 100 x 307 mm, Sheet 102 x 307 mm
Notes A reduced version of BM Satires 2636 with the title above the image/. An anti- Jacobite satire which illustrates a scene in a town square with Prince Charles Edward Stuart in a carriage being pulled by horses and driven by t Louis XV, King of France and Navarre and Pope Benedict XIV , a monk walks before with the sign "Inquisition" and two monks and the devil ride on the back of the carriage. A Highland army walks behind in kilts with a flag: "Slavery", There is a scaffold in the back with many people hanging and a man burning at the stakes. There are banners of text throughout the horse and carriage: "Arbitrary Power" "Hereditary Right" "Rebellion" "Supersition" " Passive Obedience"

Ex. Col. Viscount Strathallan, Stobhall

Condition Trimmed to image. Some small losses to title in top. Tipped to an album page.
Framing unmounted
Price £150.00
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