The Destruction of the Cities of the Plain

Method Mezzotint and etching
Artist James G. S. Lucas
Published [London, Published by J. Mc.Cormick, 62, Gracechurch Street. London. c. 1830]
Dimensions Image 204 x 284 mm, Sheet 220 x 292 mm
Notes James G. S. Lucas' depiction of the destruction of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah with Lot and his daughters fleeing for safety in the left foreground. The dramatic landscape is blanketed under a viscous storm, with rain and lightning slanting down from upper left, the cities ablaze in the middle distance, with a lake, river and tree-covered plains towards the foreground.

James G. S. Lucas (1831-1834; fl.) was a British printmaker who specialised in the mixed method manner of mezzotinting. Lucas issued a series of mezzotint copies of Martin's Illustrations of the Bible through Rittner and Goupil in Paris, as well as a similar series based on Martin's plates for the French periodical L'Artiste.

Condition: Trimmed within plate mark, with loss of title and publication line, filled wormhole to horizon area of image.
Framing unmounted
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