The Common Whale - Balaena Mysticetus.

Method Wood engraving with hand colouring
Artist Josiah Wood Whymper
Published R. Clay, Printer, Bread Street Hill. Published Under the Direction of the Commitee of General Literature and Education, Appointed by The Society from Promoting Christian Knowledge. c.1845
Dimensions Image 175 x 280 mm, Sheet 260 x 325 mm
Notes A plate showing the Common Whale from Thirty Plates Illustrative of Natural History published for The Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge. The print shows a large whale in the foreground, another can be seen diving down into the rough seas behind. A whaling ship is in the background with a small boat of men trying to harpoon the diving whale. Extensive text describing the Common Whale is beneath the image.

The plates from the work were offered both coloured and uncoloured, as can be seen from the differing prices below the publisher's imprint.

Josiah Wood Whymper (1813-1903) was an English wood engraver, book illustrator and watercolourist who specialised in riverscapes. He was also well known for his fine engravings of animals, fish and landscapes for 'The Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge'.

Condition: Slight time toning and light creases.
Framing mounted
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