The Checkmate

Method Lithograph
Artist Albert Henry Payne after Johann Peter Hasenclever
Published [c. 1840]
Dimensions Image 124 x 174 mm, Sheet 184 x 238 mm
Notes A group of men sitting around a table where two man are playing chess, one of which has just delivered a checkmate. This results in either laughter or expressions of despair in the onlookers. The image is surrounded by a decorative border depicting a duel between two knights. The military encampment behind the knights, suggests that this print might have been interpreted as a political satire. The theme was quite popular, as the print was also produced by Friedrich Jantzen under the German title 'Die Schachspieler' (Berlin, c. 1830-1850) and in Paris 'Les Joueurs d'Echecs', by Jacott, as part of the series "Le Musee des Rieurs."

Albert Henry Payne (14th December 1812 - 7th May 1902) was a British engraver, printmaker, and illustrator, who spent the majority of his life in Leipzig, Germany.

Johann Peter Hasenclever (1810-1853) was a German painter, who made many humorous yet moralising genre paintings on the daily life of the lower middle class.

Condition: Stain to top margin and title, not affecting image.
Framing unmounted
Price £45.00
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