The Age of Bronze, Byron

Method Aquatint with etching
Published London, Pubd. by Pyall & Stroud, 19, Hanway Street, Oxford Strt. [c.1830]
Dimensions Image 84 x 104 mm, Plate 136 x 195, Sheet 189 x 274 mm
Notes From an uncommon publication of Byron's poetical works, by an unknown engraver. It is possible that the plate was executed by the publisher Henry Pyall, who also worked in aquatint.

An accompanying illustration to the 7th chapter of Lord Byron's poem The Age of bronze. The image depicts a group of Spaniards hiding behind a large rocky outcrop, near a cruciform tombstone. In the background, a cavalryman can be seen engaging with a number of foot-soldiers. The inscription, 'The wild Sierra, with its wilder troop of vulture plum'd Guerrillas on the stoop for their incessant prey...' refers to the recent Spanish resistance to Napoleon, portraying it as just the latest example of Spain's long history of dominion by, and resistance to, foreign powers.

Henry Pyall (1795-1833) was a British printmaker and publisher, known chiefly for his aquatint work with George Hunt and Rudolph Ackermann.
Framing mounted
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