Teammates in mankind's greatest adventure

Method Offset lithograph
Artist Mion, Pierre
Published Copyright 1973 National Geographic Society, Washington, D.C. All rights reserved
Dimensions 565 x 865 mm
Notes A large lithographic poster of the assembled crews of NASA's Apollo missions, from the ill-fated test crew to the geological team of Apollo 17, produced by the American National Geographic Society as a Supplement to the September 1973 edition of National Geographic Magazine (Vol. 144, No. 3). The view is an idealised moon-scape, with the various teams depicted undertaking activities representative of each new lunar achievement. In the foreground to the right of the scene, Neil Armstrong, first to walk on the moon, is prominently shown, with Buzz Aldrin behind him. The lunar landing module can be seen in the distance, near Eugene Cernan of the Apollo 10 mission, who plants the American flag. At centre, the largest group of astronauts is gathered around James B Irwin, who pilots the Apollo 15 Rover. Below the scene, a text panel provides a potted history of US lunar exploration, beside a numbered key to the scene. On the verso is a large lithographed view of the Earth as seen from the near side of the Moon.

Pierre Mion (b.1931) is an American artist and illustrator, particularly well known for his long association with National Geographic, and for his collaboration with Norman Rockwell. His work for National Geographic has mostly been in illustrating scientific and astronomical scenes, and he has also worked as an illustrator of conflict scenes for the United States Marine Corps.

Condition: Vertical and horizontal folds as issued.
Framing unmounted
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