Table of the Comparative Heights of the Principle Mountains in the World

Method Steel engraved
Artist Wyld, James
Published London published by Jas. Wyld (successor to Ms. Faden) Geographer to the Queen Charing Cross .East. 1854
Dimensions 229 x 292 mm
Notes A table comparing heights of mountains around the world from James Wyld's A New General Atlas of Modern Geography. The table also shows passes of the Alps above sea level and altitude of towns above sea level.

James Wyld (1812-1887) was a British publisher and cartographer. His greatest geographical achievement was Wyld's Great Globe, exhibited in Leicester Square between 1851 and 1862. The globe, sixty feet high and lighted with gas, was at that point the largest ever constructed. He was geographer to Queen Victoria and H.R.H. Prince Albert.
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