Method Copper engraving
Artist Johannus Augustus Corvinus
Published [Christian Ulrich Wagner, Ausburg and Ulm, 1731]
Dimensions Image 277 x 180 mm, Plate 310 x 180 mm, Sheet 312 x 195 mm
Notes A mountainous landscape featured in a decorative border with wheatplants, seeds and pine cones. From the German edition of Johann Jakob Scheuchzer's "Physica Sacra".

Inscription below image: "Genesis Cap. I. V. 11. 12. 13. Opus tertiae Diei' referring to God's work of the third day on which he created waters, dry land, herbs, grass and trees bearing fruits, with the German translation of the inscription to the right.

Johannus Augustus Corvinus (1683-1738) was a German painter and printmaker.

Johann Jakob Scheuchzer (August 2, 1672 – June 23, 1733) was a Swiss scholar born in Zürich. Scheuchzer published a variety of works, of which his writings relating to his scientific observations and his travels are often regarded as the most important. During his travels, he collected various materials for his scientific works. He believed the Old Testament gave a factual account of the history of the earth and therefore makes references to the 1611 King James Bible in his masterpiece, the "Physica Sacra".

Condition: Strong impression. Trimmed to plate mark. Minor overall time toning.
Framing unmounted
Price £50.00
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