St. Mary's Church, Oxford, England.

Method Albumen Photograph
Artist Underwood & Underwood
Published Strohmeyer & Wyman Publishers, New York, Copyright 1893.
Dimensions Image 80 x 75 mm each mounted to a card 88 x 178 mm
Notes A stereoview of St. Mary's Church with a printed lable on the front with text that reads: Sold only by Underwood & Underwood, Liverpool, New York, Chicago, Toronto, Ottowa, Kas.-El Paso, Tex.

The Underwood & Underwood Company started in 1882 in Ottawa, Texas, when two brothers, Elmer and Bert Underwood, started a business of house-to-house distribution of stereoviews. Within a few years, they had a distribution network covering most of the United States and later included subjects from around the world. In the early 1890s Bert Underwood, who had never taken a photograph, took lessons in photography, which allowed him to introduce a high standard of quality in the choice of subjects and in photography composition and interest. By 1901, Underwood & Underwood was by far the largest publisher, with a production of 25,000 stereoviews per day and 300,000 stereoviewers per year. The total number of titles issued is estimated to be between 30,000 and 40,000. In 1902, they bought the Strohmeyer and Wyman publishing company, which had been publishing views with Underwood & Underwood copyright. In 1912, Underwood sold the rights to most of its negatives to Keystone, and few titles were published after that date. In 1923, the remaining stock were transferred to Keystone and Underwood ceased all stereoscopic activities.

Most Underwood views were published on tan mount, although later views used harder dark gray mounts, which had been introduced by Keystone. This view was published by Strohmeyer and Wyman with Underwood & Underwood copyright are included in this section of the catalog. Aside from the publisher's name they are indistinguishable in style, presentation and captions. Many views were published under both names. Most Underwood views were not numbered.

In terms of subject coverage, Underwood is eclectic and strong in all areas. The focus is on quality and interest of the photography, with no particular area of specialization. The whole range of civilian and military topics is covered in all their details, from city views, rivers and harbors, rural scenes and people to American soldiers, shooting and battle scenes, prisoners, dead soldiers and hospitals. As is typical of the time, many captions are condescending and sometimes outrageously arrogant or racist. Captions of military views are nationalistic and praise the valor of American soldiers, and tend to belittle the Insurrectos.
Framing unmounted
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