South America

Method Lithograph with original hand colour
Artist Ettling, T.
Published London: Published at the "Weekly Dispatch" Office, 139, Fleet Street, London, and Sold by All Booksellers and Newsagents. 1863.
Dimensions 604 x 427 mm
Notes From The Dispatch Atlas.

Double page map of South America, with parts of Central America visible. Originally printed and bound as two separate sheets, the sheets are now glued together to make one large-scale map.

Between 1857 and 1863, the British newspaper The Weekly Dispatch published a series of maps. Over 100 maps were produced, and in 1863, the maps were gathered together to form The Dispatch Atlas. The atlas contained county and country maps, as well as several city maps. Each of the maps featured a distinctive image of a half-globe with a winged mercury above.

Condition: Central horizontal join. Some discolouration and light creasing to sheet.
Framing unmounted
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