Six Etchings by William Crotch, from sketches by Mr. O'Neill, of the ruins made by the fire at Christ Church, Oxford, March 3, 1809.

Method Etching, copper engraving.
Artist Crotch, William
Published Published and sold by Robert Bliss, Bookseller, Oxford. Printed by N. Bliss.
Dimensions Book 376 x 280 mm
Notes Printed title, 4 pages of descriptive text, reference to the plates, ground plan of the buildings destroyed by fire and six etchings.

Proof. Contains one copper engraving and six soft-ground etchings, but missing plate 6. Clary 297, Cordeaux and Merry (Univ.) 7050.

The fire here describedby text and illustration is supposed to have started around midnight on Friday, March 3rd, 1809 from uncertian sources and had it not been for such a calm night it may well have spread into the Hall and the Gate of Tom Tower. The fire was extinguished through the combined efforts of the Christ Church fire crew and those from other colleges. One of the main problems occuring after the fire was the possibble theft of furniture, books, and valuables removed for safety from some of the endangered rooms and as a result the property was guarded by the Regiment of Oxford Loyal Volunteers.
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