Method Copper engraved
Artist Hall, Sidney after Arrowsmith, Aaron
Published Published, 1817, by A. Constable & co. Edinburgh
Dimensions 250 x 200 mm
Notes A detailed map of Scotland, with the inclusion of many notable cities and towns. It also shows important geological features such as mountain ranges and rivers.

The Arrowsmiths were a family of English mapmakers. The business was founded by Aaron Arrowsmith, Hydrographer to the Prince of Wales in c. 1810 and subsequently to the King in 1820. He was joined in 1810 by his nephew John Arrowsmith. After Aaron died in 1823, the business was continued by his sons Aaron Jr. and Samuel, who ran it until John took over the entire business. In 1863 he received the gold medal of the Royal Geographical Society, of which body he was one of the founders.

Sidney Hall (1818-1860) was a prolific engraver who produced maps for many atlases and publishers. In particular, he engraved a set of English county maps which were issued under several atlas titles. These maps went through many editions and show a series of revisions. It is common, for example, to find railway information updated by hand.

Condition: Some time toning, trimmed within plate mark on top margin.
Framing mounted
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