Scholars at a Lecture

Method Etching
Artist after William Hogarth
Published c.1790
Dimensions Image 201 x 169 mm, Plate 215 x 177 mm
Notes 'Datur Vacuum' ('Leisure time is given for..') is a pun on 'vacuum', carried out in the expressions of the various auditors. These are scholars at Oxford, wearing square topped, round cloth and felt hats. Alfred D.Godley (Oxford in theEighteenth Century, London 1908, p.164) explains that 'all undergraduates on the foundation of Colleges and all graduates except Doctors of Law, Medicine and Music, wear square trencher caps like our own, but in the case of undergraduates without the tuft of "apex", which has now become a tassel. Commoners and servitors have a round cap with a limp crown; the same kind of headgear, but with a higher crown and more elaborately pleated, is worn by Doctors of Law, Medicine and Music, also by "nobelmen", ...' The reader is supposed to be William Fisher (d.1761) of Jesus College, Oxford, registrar of the University.
Framing framed
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