S. Marie Over's in Southwarke [St Mary Overy, Southwark Cathedral]

Method Etching
Artist Wenceslaus Hollar
Published 1647
Dimensions Image 145 x 251 mm, Plate 151 x 256 mm, Sheet 154 x 258 mm
Notes Depiction of S. Marie Overs in Southwark, now known as Southwark cathedral in central London.

Although Hollar's London views were not originally sold as a series, a serial number was engraved in the bottom right corner of later states to enable later printsellers to sell them as such. Since the prints were made without title page or running series title, they have not always been catalogued in a single group. Both Pennington and Hind group four of the views together (namely the Royal Exchange, the Tower of London, the Covent Garden Piazza, and St Mary Overy), but do not include a further four views of London that were numbered in the later series (Lambeth House, Whitehall, Westminster, and Westminster Hall). This is due to the difference in width between plates 3-6, which are noticeably wider than the remaining four plates. These plates were later reduced so a similar size in later states, which fits with the idea that they were not originally made as a series, but came to be viewed as such.

Wenceslaus Hollar (1607-1677) left his native Prague in 1627. He spent several years travelling and working in Germany before his patron, the Earl of Arundel brought him to London in 1636. During the civil wars, Hollar fought on the Royalist side, after which he spent the years 1644-52 in Antwerp. Hollar's views of London form an important record of the city before the Great Fire of 1666. He was prolific and engraved a wide range of subjects, producing nearly 2,800 prints, numerous watercolours and many drawings.

Pennington 910 ii/ii, New Hollstein (German) 949 ii/ii (Hollar)

Condition:Trimmed close to plate mark. Overall time toning and foxing.
Framing unmounted
Price £150.00
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