[Princess Louisa Maria Stuart]

Method Copper engraved
Artist Claude Duflos after Nicolas de Largillière
Published [c. 1701-1727]
Dimensions Image 225 x 165 mm, Plate 230 x 177 mm, Sheet 233 x 178 mm
Notes A half-length portrait of Louisa Maria Stuart, the Jacobite 'Princess Royal', twisted slightly right, but facing forward. She is wearing a voluminous dress with lace trimmings and sleeves, and an embroidered bodice. Her hair is tied up with curls on top of her head and decorated with a string of pearls. She is holding a bouquet of wild flowers in her left hand. The portrait is framed in an oval, with her signature below the frame and the inscription: "Ætatis Suæ 9.a", stating that the sitter was nine years old at the time the portrait was made.

Louisa Maria Theresa Stuart (1692-1712) was born to the exiled King James II and Mary of Modena in the Chateau of Saint-Germain-en-Laye in Paris, under the protection of the French King Louis XIV. She was well-loved at the French court, but was unable to marry due to her family's exile. In 1712 her brother James Francis Edward contracted the smallpox, and in tending to him, Louisa eventually became fatally ill, and even though her brother recovered, she died shortly after, being only nineteen.

Nicholas de Largillière (1656-1746) was a French portrait painter. He was very active in the Académie Royale de Peinture et Sculpture, first as a member in 1686, then as a professor, rector, chancellor and director. He also worked on commissions in England, the most important being when he painted James II and Queen Mary in 1686.

Claude Duflos (1665-1727) was a French printmaker, publisher and printseller, active in Paris. He had thirteen children, several of which also became engravers and publishers, most notably Claude-Augustin Duflos, Pierre Duflos and Nicolas-Simon Duflos.

Condition: Trimmed close to the plate mark and tipped unto album page. Light time toning and foxing, mainly to the edges of the sheet.
Framing unmounted
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