[Portrait of Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle]

Method Copper engraving
Artist Pierre Louis van Schuppen after Abraham van Diepenbeeck
Published [c. 1645-1673]
Dimensions Image 275 x 162 mm
Notes A standing portrait of Margaret Cavendish in a decorative alcove, wearing a small crown and an elaborate mantle with fur over a dress, flanked by Minerva and Apollo, and cornucopias. According to the British Museum this was a private plate, commissioned by Margaret Cavendish to be used as a frontispiece for her publications and various editions.

English verse about Margaret Cavendish inscribed underneath the figure: "Here on this Figure ... Shee, can justify owne"

Margaret (Lucas) Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle (1623-1673) was a writer, who was prolific in many genres, such as scientific works, science fiction, poetry and fiction. Her family was royalist, and Margaret fled to Oxford with her mother in 1642, after an attack on her family home by Puritan neighbours. There she became maid of honour to Queen Henriette Maria, with whom she again had to flee, this time to France, in 1644. In France, Margaret met her future husband William Cavendish, the Marquis of Newcastle. He motivated her to write, which she did while moving from Paris to Rotterdam, in England (where she was trying to reclaim a portion of her husband's estates), in Antwerp where her husband was exiled, and on her return to England in 1660. Some of her publications are "Philosophicall Fancies" (1653), "The Worlds Olio" (1655) and "Grounds of Natural Philosophy" (1668). Later in life, her often quirky personality resulted in the nickname "Mad Madge".

Pierre van Schuppen (1627-1702) was a Belgian portrait engraver who worked in Paris from the middle of the 1600's, he gained the nickname 'Le petit Nateuil' as a pupil and collaborator of the great French engraver, Robert Nanteuil.

Abraham van Diepenbeeck (1596-1675) was a Flemish painter, glass-painter and designer of prints and tapestries. He was a pupil and assistant of Peter Paul Rubens. He worked in 's-Hertogenbosch, Antwerp, and in the early 1630s in Paris.

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