Plan de la Ville de Quebec

Method Copper engraved
Artist Bellin, Jacques Nicolas
Published [c. 1744]
Dimensions 197 x 237 mm
Notes A west-orientated map of the fortified city of Quebec, Canada. The city sits at the conjunction of the Saint Lawrence and Saint Charles rivers. Map illustrates various fortifications as well as some twenty four individual buildings including churches, schools, batteries and government buildings. Some of the surrounding farmland is also illustrated. On the east side of the city the port and is identified. Bellin prepared this map to illustrate Pierre François Xavier de Charlevoix's 'Histoire et description generale de la Nouvelle France', however most of its major updates are based upon the manuscripts compiled by Gaspard-Joseph Chaussegros de Lery, a French Canadian military engineer active throughout French America in the early 18th century. Charlevoix himself was a Jesuit missionary and traveller commissioned by the French Crown and the Duke of Orleans to reconnoiter French holdings in the Americas. The French had just lost control of the Hudson Bay and were actively in search of a profitable route to the Pacific, which many believed lay in the network of rivers and lakes to the west of the Great Lakes. Charlevoix's history proved exceptionally influential as one of the most comprehensive works on North America predating the French and Indian War.

Jacques Nicolas Bellin (1703-1772) was a Paris-born geographer, he was hydrographer of the French Navy, member of the Académie de Marine and of the Royal Society of London, and part of the French intellectual group the Philosophes. He produced a large number of individual maps of particular interest to the Ministère de la Marine. His maps of Canada and of French territories in North America (New France, Acadia, Louisiana) are particularly valuable, as he produced them to reflect the ongoing discoveries in these regions. Bellin was appointed hydrographer to the king in 1741 and would eventually retire and die at Versailles. His most impressive work was "Le Petit Atlas Maritime" in which he compiled an overview of all the coastlines, ports and harbour cities of the known world at the time, with no less than 581 maps.

Condition: Weak impression. Folds as issued, short tears to margins, not affecting plate or map.
Framing unmounted
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