[Paul Sandby and his wife]

Method Etching
Artist Paul Sandby
Published c. 1770 but c.1817
Dimensions Image 189 x 144 mm, Plate 205 x 160 mm, Sheet 225 x 176 mm
Notes A self portrait of Paul Sandby and his wife Anne Stogden (Stogdon) set within a wooded glade with their children and dogs playing behind.

Paul Sandby (1725-1809) was a British water colourist and printmaker. Born in Nottingham, he moved to London in 1745 where he joined his brother Thomas at the Board of Ordnance. He played an important part in the survey of the Scottish Highlands after the Jacobite Rebellion. From the 1750s Sandby was involved in the campaign to found the Royal Academy. In 1768 he was appointed drawing master to the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich. He is best remembered for his watercolours and as the first British printmaker to use aquatint systematically. Sandby also made a number of satirical etchings, notably against Hogarth in 1753-4 and the early 1760s.

Condition: Margins creased, not affecting image.
Framing unmounted
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