Par Les Dieux Jumeaux Tous Les Monstres Ne Sont Pas en Afrique.

Method Lithograph
Artist Aubrey Beardsley
Published Editions Les Yeux Ouverts [Jean Vidal], Paris, 1970.
Dimensions Image 259 x 169 mm, Sheet 460 x 315 mm
Notes A self-portrait of Aubery Beardsley in bed, which he originally drew in 1894. This edition of this portrait is a plate from Erotiques de Beardsley, a folio of 44 lithographs printed on Japan paper. The French in the upper left corner reads, "By the gods, all the monsters are not in Africa." Page number 23 in lower left.

Refrence: Sturgis, Alexander, Rupert Christiansen, Lois Oliver and Michael Wilson Rebels and Martyrs. The Image of the Artist in the Nineteen Century. London: The National Gallery Company Limited, 2006. ISBN: 1857093461

Condition: Crease in lower right not affecting image.
Framing mounted
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