Painters room.

Method Etching
Artist Ryder after William Hogarth
Published Pubd. for S. Ireland June 1 1797.
Dimensions Image 143 x 103 mm, Sheet 219 x 139 mm
Notes Interior view of an artist's chaotic studio. The painter's model is sat to the right of the image, with a man unexpectedly wrapping his arm around her from behind. Shocked, she appears to have knocked over the artist's easel and painting, which the artist attempts to catch. Behind the artist, another man reaches his hand out as though to help. A falling table and small, excited dog are set in front, whilst three disinterested figures stand behind. Framed paintings and a sculpture adorn the walls, whilst a large, draped curtain fills the upper right section of the composition.

Condition: Light time toning to edges of sheet.
Framing unmounted
Price £40.00
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