Oxfordshire. Drawn from a survey and regulated by Astronomical Observations.

Method Copper engraved with hand colour
Artist Kitchin, Thomas
Published [London, c. 1798]
Dimensions 200 x 168 mm
Notes An eighteenth century map of Oxfordshire, with notable towns depicted as well as geological landmarks such as mountains and rivers. It also features a decorative cartouche surrounding the title, ornamented with symbols of academic life from Francis Grose's A new and Complete Abridgment or Selection of the Most Interesting and Important Subjects in the Antiquities of England and Wales. These maps were first issued in The London Magazine from 1746-1760. A key in the upper right provides details of Borough Towns, Market Towns, the road network, parishes, and villages. In the top left, the title is enclosed in a monumental cartouche.

Thomas Kitchin (1718-1784) was one of the best and most prolific engravers of the eighteenth century. He issued The General Atlas, Describing the Whole Universe , first published in 1773, and regularly reissued thereafter. His work also included a large number of maps of the English counties, particularly for the London Magazine (1747-1760), the Universal Magazine (1747-1766), and for Dodsley's England Illustrated (1764). Other maps were published in conjunction with Emanuel Bowen in the Large English Atlas and the Royal English Atlas (1763).

Condition: Diagonal crease through the sheet and plate.
Framing mounted
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