Oxford in Epitome.

Method Copper engraved
Artist Vincent, Joseph
Published Published March 15, 1819 by J. Vincent, near Brasen Nose College.
Dimensions Image 201 x 215 mm, Plate 235 x 235 mm, Sheet 380 x 273 mm
Notes A very rare engraved map depicting Oxford as an island. Originally published with a separate sheet, describing each location.

Inscription above image reads: 'Fit ut omnis Votiva pateat veluti descripta tabella Vita'. A rewording of Horace's quote (Satires, ii. 1, 33) meaning 'the whole life of man may be laid out as upon a votive tablet'.

This scarce and amusing map charts what may lie ahead for a nineteenth century undergraduate at Oxford. The City has been divided into regions representing the stages and possible dangers that may be encountered during student life, for example the 'Forest of Debt' and the 'Gulf of Despair'. These are plotted alongside actual Oxford landmarks such as Folly Bridge and Port Meadow.

Condition: Full margins, single black ink mark on verso just visible at the bottom of the map. Comes with facsimile key plate.
Framing unmounted
Price £850.00
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