Method Mezzotint
Artist Samuel William Reynolds after Rev. William Warren Porter
Published London, Tyler, 1806.
Dimensions Image 170 x 278 mm, Sheet 200 x 294 mm
Notes One of the very few antique prints depicting Port Meadow, with the spires and towers of Oxford in the distance. This is the bottom half of a pair of images from the uncommon work, Engravings from Drawings of the late Reverend William Porter.

Reverend William Porter died at the age of 28, and the work was produced as a tribute to the young artist's talents. The respect in which Porter held is reflected by the number of subscribers (790) to the slim volume of his work. As a fellow of St. John's College, Oxford, he was naturally drawn to local subjects and six of the nine views are of Oxford. The three remaining views are of the Death of Cicero and of Kenilworth and Warwick Castle.

Condition: Trimmed from a larger sheet, creasing to left side of sheet.
Framing mounted
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