Orbis Terrarum Cognitus Veteribus Graecis et Latinis

Method Copper engraved with hand colour
Artist Wells, Edward
Published [Oxford, 1704]
Dimensions 90 x 160 mm
Notes A miniature map of the World as known to the Ancient Greeks and Romans, one of a suite of ancient and modern maps engraved for Wells' new edition of Dionysius Periegetes description of the known world, Της παλαι και της νυν οικουµενης περιηγησις, sive Dionysii Geographia. Like the maps in his larger and better known Treatise of Antient and Present Geography, it is likely that the engraving of the maps was assisted by Michael Burghers, the University engraver at the time.

Edward Wells (1667-1727) was a British mathematician, theologian, and geographer, best known for his fractious and bombastic attacks on dissenters, Presbyterians, and his fellow churchman and former pupil, Browne Willis. In addition to his duties as a clergyman, Wells also taught geology, mathematics, and theology at Christ Church, Oxford. In addition to producing a Greek critical edition of the New Testament, he published a collection of maps of the ancient world, dedicated to one of his students, the young Duke of Gloucester.

Michael Burghers (1653-1727) was a Dutch engraver and printmaker. Born in Amsterdam, Burghers emigrated to England soon after 1672. He worked in Oxford, initially as Loggan's assistant from 1673, and was appointed University engraver after Loggan's death in 1692.

Condition: Old adhesive stains in top left and right of sheet. Blank on verso.
Framing mounted
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