North Wales / South Wales

Method Copper engraved with hand colour
Artist Morden, Robert
Published 1695
Dimensions 359 x 430 each
Notes A pair of maps, depicting North and South Wales, from the Gibson edition of Camden's Britannia.

William Camden (1551-1623) was a historian and antiquary whose works were reprinted and published over a period of 200 years. The original Latin text was first translated by Gibson in 1695. Morden was employed to replace the outdated maps by Saxton, engraved by Kip and Hole. He based his maps on manuscript sources plus the surveys of Ogilby and Morgan, Seller, Palmer and the coastal charts of Cpt. Greenville Collins. One of his original contributions to cartography was the showing of longitudes measured from the meridian of St. Paul's Cathedral given in the form of time in minutes at the top of the map in Roman numerals and at the bottom in degrees. This was done to clarify local times that were taken from the sun as there was no national standard time. These maps were the first to show the roads based on Ogilby's earlier work of 1675, and included 3 scales to cover the various scales used in different parts of the country.

Robert Morden (c. 1650-1703) was an English bookseller and publisher, as well as an accomplished geographer and cartographer. He is best known for a series of maps issued in 1695 in Gibson's revised edition of Camden's Brittannia,' engraved by Sutton Nichols.
Framing mounted
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