New Zealand Middle & South Islands

Method Lithograph with original hand colour
Artist Dower, John James
Published Drawn & Engraved by John Dower 108 Fleet St E.C. Weekly Dispatch Atlas, 139 Fleet Street. E. Weller Lithogr. [London, c.1863]
Dimensions 445 x 320 mm
Notes A lithographed map of the South Island of New Zealand, from The Weekly Dispatch. Coastlines are outlined in original hand colour, and the borders of provinces are marked in green. In the top left corner, an inset provides an 'Index Map' of the whole country. The title refers to the former convention of naming what is now known colloquially as the 'South Island' as the 'Middle' island, with the 'South' title reserved for the much smaller Stewart Island.

Between 1857 and 1863, the British newspaper The Weekly Dispatch published a series of maps. Over 100 maps were produced, and in 1863, the maps were gathered together to form The Dispatch Atlas. The atlas contained county and country maps, as well as several city maps. Each of the maps featured a distinctive image of a half-globe with a winged mercury above.

John James Dower (1825-1901) was a British cartographer, engraver, lithographer, and draughtsman. The son of the cartographer and engraver John Crane Dower (1791-1847), he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society in 1854. Although he issued maps under his own imprint, he was best known for being a prolific contributor to the Weekly Dispatch Atlas.

Condition: Central vertical fold.
Framing unmounted
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