Monstrvm Satyricum

Method Woodcut
Artist Conrad Gesner
Published [c. 1551]
Dimensions Image 104 x 145 mm
Notes A hybrid monster, with claws, bird-like feet, a human face, but covered in fur and with a stif beard and pointy ears, three breasts and a tail. From the first volume of Conrad Gesner's "Historia Animalium", where it is described as a "monstrvum satyricum" or "mixed monster", allegedly captured in 1531.

Conrad Gesner (1516-1565), also known as Konrad Gessner, was a Swiss naturalist and physician. He is known for his "Historia Animalium", an ambitious work in which he compiled all the existing knowledge on animals, in several volumes, published between 1551 and 1556. The last volume, on serpents, was uncompleted by the time of his death and eventually published posthumously in 1587. Gesner claimed that all the illustrations were made either from life or based on reliable sources, but there are still a few mythological creatures to be found in his descriptions and plates.

Condition: Trimmed sheet, missing top half, and bottom right corner, with overall time toning and creasing. Latin text throughout. Old glue stains from tape, to edges of the sheet, not affecting image.
Framing mounted
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