Mohammed Ali, Pacha of Egypt

Method Mezzotint
Artist George Raphael Ward after Thomas Brigstocke
Published London, Published by the engraver, 31 Fitzroy Square, 24th July 1852
Dimensions Image 430 x 660 mm, Plate 493 x 772 mm
Notes In Thomas Brigstocke's work, Mohammed Ali is seated on a large cushion, directed to the front. He wears a fez, grasps a sabre, and his clothes are embellished with gold. A discarded ermine coat is shown to the left whilst palm trees rise to the right. Through the arch of the window, the cupola and minaret of a mosque can be seen.

Mohammed Ali (1769 - 1849) was the Khedive of Egypt and Sudan, and is often cited as the viceroy who most reformed and modernised the state. This facet of modernity is apparent in the print, as a scroll unfurls in the foreground, and outlines the proposal for a railway between Cairo and Suez. This route was put forward in 1833, but postponed due to pressure from Linant de Bellefonds and the Suez Canal Company. Upon Ali's death in 1849, his successor, Abbas I, contracted Robert Stephenson to build a section between Alexandria and the Nile. It was completed in 1854. It was the first railway line in the Ottoman Empire, Africa and the Middle East.

George Raphael Ward (1799 - 1879) was an English portrait painter, miniaturist and printmaker. He was the son of the painter and engraver James Ward R.A. (1769-1859) and father of the genre painter Henrietta Mary Ada Ward (1832-1924). Ward worked from premises on 7 Newman Street, near Oxford Street, London and 30-31 Fitzroy Square, London (1836-46).

Thomas Brigstocke (1809 - 1881) was a British portrait painter. After some brief tuition at the studio of Henry Saas, Brigstocke studied painting at the Royal Academy Schools, and was subsequently a pupil of Henry Perronet Briggs and John Prescott Knight. In 1847, he travelled to Egypt with a letter of introduction to Mohammed Ali Pasha. He stayed in Egypt for approximately sixteen months at the Palace of Shoubra, wherein he painted a number of portraits of the Pasha and his family. Between 1842 and 1865 he exhibited sixteen works at the Royal Academy and two at the British Institution.

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