Map of Oxford's History: With some of her worthies

Method Lithograph
Artist Peele, Cecily
Published The Alley Workshops, Oxford, c. 1950
Dimensions 468 x 509 mm
Notes An uncommon uncoloured impression of this decorative mid-twentieth century caricature map of Oxford, with numerous notes and representations of the history of the City and University. On either side, the map is bordered by the crests of the Colleges, from Univ to the unusual chameleon crest of the Society of Home Students, the forerunner to St Anne's College. Above and below, the map features a long procession of 'Oxford Worthies,' from a Stone Age Man in top left to Lord Nuffield at bottom right, and including a host of famous faces, including, among others, Roger Bacon, Henry VIII, Walter Raleigh, Christopher Wren, Wesley, Shelley, Lewis Carroll and Alice, William Morris, and Lawrence of Arabia. A boxed key in the bottom right lists the colleges, while events and objects of note are included around the city, including the snakes head fritillary, the 'Oxford Dinosaur,' a mammoth, Chaucer and his fellow pilgrims, sportsmen in the University Parks, and the enigmatic 'Scholar Gypsy' on the banks of the Isis. The map's title is supported by Saint Frideswide and Saint Scholastica.

Condition: Light crease
Framing framed
Price £500.00
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