Map of Nowhere

Method Etching
Artist Perry, Grayson
Published 2008
Dimensions 1130 x 1529 mm
Notes A very large abstracted anthropomorphic map by the visionary contemporary artist Grayson Perry, using pop culture and cartographic history to respond to the concept of 'Utopia.' Printed over five joined sheets, the etching encapsulates Perry's perception of navigating the modern world, both generally and from his own lived experience. The map is presented in a manner reminiscent of a Medieval mappa mundi, with Perry's face appearing at the top. The rest of his body makes up a strange assortment of islands, continents, and bodies of water. Overlaying these are vignetted depictions of buildings, fantastical structures, geological features, people, animals, and mythical beasts, each carrying a label reflecting common sayings, contemporary criticisms, social panics, addictions, and other reflections of our modern world. Perry's female alter-ego looms large as St Claire. In the artist's right hand, he holds a quill, with which he points to a sun made up of elements of his 'Bohemian' lifestyle in the top left of the sheet. In the top right corner, a demonic face calls out insults, in an attempt to drag him back to the mundane, and conformity with what society deems 'normal' behaviour. Below the map, a ray of sunshine, radiating from the artist's anus, illuminates a building in a sombre landscape, entitled simply 'Nowhere.'

Grayson Perry (b. 1960) is one of Britain's most celebrated and influential contemporary artists. A cultural icon, Perry is known for his playful, yet incisive, critiques of pop culture and contemporary British society. He is best known for his ceramic works, though his prolific output also includes printmaking, textiles (particularly tapestry and embroidery), film, poetry, architecture, and performance art.

No. 54 of an Edition of 68. Signed by artist and numbered on verso.
Framing framed
Price £35,000.00
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