[Mallard Ducks]

Method Woodblock
Artist Yamamoto Shōun
Published [n.c. c. 1930]
Dimensions 13.5 x 7 inches
Notes Yamamoto Shōun (December 20, 1870 - May 10, 1965) was a Japanese print designer, illustrator, and painter. He was born into a family of retainers of the shōgun in Kōchi in Kōchi Prefecture. He studied painting from his teens, moving to Tokyo at the age of 17. He started working Fugoku gaho, a pictorial magazine in Tokyo from the age of 20. His long career spanned three major periods of Japanese art the Meiji (1868–1912), Taishō (1912–1926) and Shōwa (1926–1989). Shōun is best known for his woodblock of beautiful women and his small humorous woodblocks known as.

Condition: Slightly faded, toning to base, with some browning on verso.
Framing mounted
Price £150.00
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