Mademoiselle La Chevaliere D'Eon de Beaumont

Method Stipple
Artist Thomas Chambars after Richard Cosway
Published Published July 12th. 1787, by B.B. Evans in the Poultry. London
Dimensions Image 130 x 85 mm, Plate 175 x 110 mm, Sheet 220 x 145 mm
Notes A bust-length portrait of Chevalier d'Eon, turned to the right, wearing a dress and white lace collar, a brooch with the cross of the order of Saint Louis attached to her chest, and her hair up under a large cap.

Charles-Geneviève-Louis-Auguste-André-Timothée d'Éon de Beaumont (1728 - 1810), usually known as the Chevalier d'Éon, was born in Burgundy. Starting as a French soldier, d'Eon eventually became part of Louis XV's network of spies, and was first sent out to Russia and later to England. Although born male, d'Eon often wore women's clothes during missions, and spread rumours about having been born female. After an argument with the French ambassador, d'Eon refused to go back to France and even threatened to release sensitive information to the British court. Eventually Louis XV exiled d'Eon but allowed for a generous pension, as long as d'Eon handed over any documents incriminating the French government, and demanding d'Eon officially declared a gender. She choose to be known as a woman, and dressed accordingly for the rest of her life. Not being able to rejoin the army as a female however, she enjoyed a celebrity status in England and earned money by fencing competitively.

Richard Cosway (1742-1821) was a British painter, miniaturist, draughtsman and collector. Born in Okeford, he lived in London from around 1754. He studied at Shipley's Drawing School, and won prizes from the Society of Arts between 1755 and 1760. He exhibited with the Society of Artists (1760-69), and the Free Society of Artists (1761-66). In 1769 he entered the Royal Academy Schools, and exhibited at the Royal Academy between 1770 and 1806. He became an Associate of the Royal Academy in 1770, a Royal Academician in 1771, and Principal Painter to H.R.H. the Prince of Wales in 1785. He was married to the artist, musician and educationalist Maria Cosway (1759-1838).

Thomas A. E. Chambars (c.1724 - 1789), sometimes known as Chainbars, was a British engraver. Born in Ireland, he exhibited at the Society of Artists six times, and at the Royal Academy.

Condition: Stain to bottom left margin,not affecting image.
Framing unmounted
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