Les Colonies des Europeens En Amerique

Method Copper engraved with hand colour
Artist Bourgoin, Pierre
Published [Paris, c. 1740]
Dimensions 133 x 70 mm
Notes A small map of America, indicating its domination by European colonies c. 1740. North America is dominated by French influence, apart from 'Nouvelle Espagna' along the East Coast. Between 1739 until 1748 there was a conflict between Great Britain and Spain which was named 'The War of Jenkins' Ear'. Robert Jenkins was a British captain who's ear had allegedly been cut off by Spanish coast guards who violently boarded his merchant ship in 1731. The ear was presented to the British Parliament as evidence of the violent act and used to instigate a war against Spain, although the underlining motivation was prevent Spain from ending the 'asiento contract', which permitted various nations to sell slaves in Spanish America.

Pierre Bourgoin (fl. 1740-1780) was a French mapmaker and publisher. His workshop was situated on the Rue de la Harpe in Paris.

Condition: Strong, clear impression. Minor time toning. trimmed within plate mark.
Framing unmounted
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