Le Systeme du Monde Selon Ptolomee

Method Copper engraved with hand colour
Artist [Anonymous]
Published A Paris, chez Prosper Marchand, Librarie rue S. Jaque, au Phenix, 1707. Avec Aprobation et Privilege du Roy.
Dimensions 130 x 92 mm
Notes A miniature map of the Ptolemaic system, from the Abbe de Vallemont's 'La Sphere du Monde, Selon l'Hypothese de Copernic, Presentee au Roy, Decrite, demontree, & comparee avec les Spheres & les Systemes de Ptolomee, & de Tyco-Brahe.' The concentric rings of the Ptolemaic universe are shown, with Earth at centre, surrounded by the spheres of air and fire, followed by the celestial bodies from Luna to Saturn, the Firmament, the Crystalline Spheres, the Primum Mobile, and finally the Empyrean. The title of the map is included below, in an oval strapwork cartouche featuring the three fleurs-de-lys and crown of the French royal arms.

Pierre le Lorrain de Vallemont (1649-1721) was a French physicist, naturalist, theologian, antiquarian, and astronomer.

Prosper Marchand (1678-1756) was a French bookseller, publisher, and bibliographer, active in Paris, Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, and London.

Condition: Trimmed within plate mark along left margin, without loss to map. Blank on verso.
Framing unmounted
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