Le Royaume D'Escosse Divise en Sesparties Meridionale et Septentrionale

Method Copper engraved with hand colour
Artist Bossuet, Jacques-Bénigne
Published [Francois L'Honoré & Fils. Amsterdam, 1738]
Dimensions 128 x 165 mm
Notes A map of Scotland, divided into north and south, with notable towns and cities included. The boundaries of the country, as well as the coasts of the Orkney Islands and the Hebrides, are outlined in hand colour. Parts of northern England and Ireland are also visible. Engraved by Bossuet in the style of Nicolas Sanson, the map is likely from "Continuation de L'Histoire Universelle de Messire Jacques-Benigne Bossuet," published by Francois L'Honoré & Fils. Amsterdam 1738. Numbered '12' to top right corner.

Jacques-Benigne Bossuet (1627 – 1704) was a French bishop and theologian. He was appointed tutor to the nine-year-old Dauphin, oldest child of Louis XIV. Bossuet's tutorial functions involved composing all the necessary books of instruction, including manuals of philosophy, history, and religion fit for a future king of France. Bossuet wrote many books in his lifetime, notable titles include 'Traité de la connaissance de Dieu et de soi-même' (1677), 'Discours sur l'histoire universelle' (1679, published 1682), and 'Politique tirée de l'Ecriture Sainte' (1679, published 1709). His works contained a few maps fashioned on the work of Nicolas Sanson and were published well into the 18th century.

Condition: Vertical folds as issued.
Framing unmounted
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