Le Belier

Method Copper engraved with hand colour
Artist Jean Fortin after John Flamsteed
Published A Paris F.G. Deschamps, Libraire, rue S. Jacques, aux Associes. Second Edition 1776
Dimensions Image 182 x 226 mm Plate 203 x 250 mm Sheet 217 x 252 mm
Notes Plate 13 depicting Le Belier [Aries] from the Atlas Celeste De Flamsteed, Approuve Par L'Academie Royale Des Sciences, Et Publie Sous Le Privledge De Cette Compagnie.

Jean Fortin was born in France. He was employed by the King and Royal family for producing spheres and globes. He produced two publications both updated and improved editions of Flamsteed's star atlas, "Atlas Coelestis" published in French in 1776 and 1795 named 'Atlas Celeste'. The plates were re-engraved to about a third of the size of Flamsteed's original plates.

John Flamsteed FRS (19 August 1646 – 31 December 1719) was English astronomer and was appointed the first Astronomer Royal at the London Observatory in 1675. He convinced Charles II to build the Observatory in Greenwich to aid British ships from getting lost due to the inaccuracy of star catalogues. Flamsteed started to compile a new star catalogue calculated from telescopic observations and this work continued until his death in 1719 this work is known as the British or Britannic Catalog and has been said to form the basis of the Atlas Coelesti. The Atlas Coelestis was published in 1725 by his widow after his death. Comprising of 27 double maps showing one of the finest examples of 'Europe's Golden Age of celestial cartography'.
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