L'Amerique Septentrionale Suivant Mr. De Lisle De L'Academie Rle. Des Sciences

Method Copper engraved with hand colour
Artist after de l'Isle, Guillaume
Published [Paris & Amsterdam, c.1750]
Dimensions 129 x 170 mm
Notes A small French map of North America, with the various states and regions outlined in hand colour, from La Science des Personnes de la Cour, de l'Epe'e et de la Robe. The entire map is criss-crossed by numerous lines of longitude and latitude. California is shown correctly as a peninsula, though the rest of the north-western coast is absent, as is any detail of the Great Lakes or western Canada. Greenland is shown joined to North America, enclosing Baffins Bay. Along the western coast of Mexico, the paths of various explorers, including Drake and Cortez, are shown.

La Science des Personnes de la Cour, de l'Epe'e et de la Robe was a French encyclopaedia, which appeared in numerous editions from 1707 to 1757. Edited predominantly by Monsieur De Chevigny and Henri Philippe de Limiers, the work was dedicated to the Prince of Orange and Nassau. Later printings were done under the auspices of the Chatelain family.

Guillaume de l'Isle (1625 - 1726) was one of the finest cartographers of the eighteenth-century. He is widely regarded as the father of scientific mapmaking, and was the first to utilise the practices of triangulation and mensuration in the production of his works.

Condition: Two vertical folds as issued. Blank on verso.
Framing unmounted
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