La Creation Du Monde

Method Lithograph with hand coloruing
Artist [Anonymous]
Published Pellerin & Cie. Epinal, c.1880's
Dimensions Image 210 x 265 mm, Sheet 300 x 405 mm
Notes An 'Imagerie D'Epinal' of a scene of the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve are seen standing in the centre beneath the Forbidden fruit tree, the snake entwined in it's branches. They are surrounded by animals, including an elephant, lion, and a tiger in the foreground. In the sky above them is the sun, in the left corner, and the moon to the right. God is seen floating in a cloud in the right corner, below which a volcano erupts. The image is surrounded by text outlining the story of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden.

The town of Epinal, south of Nancy, became synonymous with French popular print production and, as a result, French popular prints are often called 'images d'Epinal' regardless of where they were actually produced. In Epinal the firm of Pellerin, established in 1796 by Nicolas Pellerin, was responsible for most of these prints. It has remained in business for over two centuries, changing its name in 1984 to 'l'Imagerie d'Epinal', and operates today on the outskirts of the city, where it occupies the factory built in 1897.

Condition: Vertical centrefold as issued, some minor foxing and toning to sheet, minor tears to sheet edge.
Framing unmounted
Price £100.00
Stock ID 48473