John Lockhart Esqr Late Commander of His Majesty's Ship Tartar

Method Mezzotint
Artist James McArdell after Sir Joshua Reynolds
Published [n.d. c. 1762]
Dimensions Image 349 x 276 mm, Plate 393 x 278 mm, Sheet 490 x 360 mm
Notes A three quater length portrait of John Lockhart wearing a uniform, turned to the right but looking left, his left hand holding a walking stick, his right arm across his body pointing to the scene of a ship on the water in the background.

Sir John Lockhart-Ross, 6th Baronet (November 11, 1721 - June 9, 1790) was a Lanarkshire born Naval officer who served in the War of Austrian Succession, Seven Years' War, the American War of Independence, and was a Member of Parliament for Lanark Burghs 1761 to 1768 and then for Lanarkshire 1768 to 1774. While in command of the HMS Tartar he enjoyed success patrolling against privateers an d pirates.

James McArdell (1729 – 1765) was a mezzotinter. He was born in Dublin, and studied under Brooks. He travelled to London with Brooks c. 1746. McArdell is regarded as the outstanding mezzotinter of the so-called Dublin school, concentrating mostly on portraits. He is believed to have been Reynolds favourite engraver. He published his own plates, most of which were purchased after his death by Robert Sayer.

Sir Joshua Reynolds (1723-1792) was one of the most important figures of the eighteenth century art world. He was the first President of the Royal Academy and Britain's leading portrait painter. Through a series of lectures on the Discourses on Art at the Royal Academy he defined the style later known as the Grand Manner, an idealised Classical aesthetic. He had a profound impact on the theory and practice of art and helped to raise the status of portrait painting into the realm of fine art. A flamboyant socialite, Reynolds used his social contacts to promote himself and advance his career becoming one of the most prominent portrait painters of the period.

O'Donoghue 1, Chaloner Smith 121, Goodwoon - McArdell 95, Hamilton 47, Lennox-Boyd ii/iii

Condition: Excellent impression with full margins, light over all toning to paper from foxing.
Framing unmounted
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