Jeffries in the character of Atropos cutting the Thread of English Liberty

Method Etching
Artist [Anonymous]
Published [August, 1770]
Dimensions Image 95 x 171, Sheet 124 x 180 mm
Notes King John sits at a small table outside his tent, signing the Magna Carta, behind him stand by two bishops. Four men are pulling a rope, the 'thread of English Liberty', which is attached to King John's chest and passes through their hands to a spinning wheel operated by William III. Scrolls attached to the rope are labeled 'Habeas Corpus Act', 'Free Elections', 'Magna Charta', and 'Trial by Juries'. Beyond the spinning wheel the rope is taken up by Lord Marshall, playing the title role, 'Jefferies in the character of Atropos'. He is holding the 'Bill of Rights' and is in the process of cutting the scrolls free. 'Security of Private Property', 'Appeals', and 'Killing is Murder' are on the ground at his feet.

The print include a caption printed below the title: "Expla. Magna Charta drawn from the heart of King John; confirmed & perfected by King William, in the Character of Lachesis [i.e., Clotho] at the Spinning Wheel; & Judge Jefferies cutting the Thread, in the Character of Atropos." It also include four lines of verse from 'Pope's Homer': "The Furies that relentless breast have steel'd, / And Curst thee with a heart that cannot yield. / Yet think a Day will come when Fate's decree / And angry Men, shall wreak this wrong on thee."

Condition: Some surface dirt, light diagonal crease only visible on verso, trimmed within the plate.
Framing unmounted
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