Isles Britanniques

Method Copper engraved with early hand colour
Artist Sanson d'Abbeville, Nicolas
Published A Paris chez Pierre Mariette ru S. Jacques a l'Esperance Avec Privil pur 20 ans. [c. 1661]
Dimensions 226 x 182 mm
Notes The second state of Nicolas Sanson's map of the British Isles with the imprint of his sons' and Pierre Mariette and engraved by Peyrounin.

Nicholas Sanson d'Abbeville (1600 - 1667) was a French engraver and cartographer, and Geographer to Louis XIII and Louis XIV. As well as world maps, he also issued a series of historic maps to accompany popular classical texts like Caesar's Gallic Wars. After his death, he was succeeded by his sons Adrien and Guillaume, who frequently sign their work Sanson fils.

Shirley (BI to 1750) Sanson 1.2.

Condition: Trimmed within the plate and laid to an other sheet of early paper. 1661 written in the cartouche in contemporary manuscript.
Framing mounted
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