Iohannes de Balliolo, pater Iohannis de Balliolo Regis Scotorum

Method Copper engraving
Artist Michael Burghers
Published [T. Davies, London, 1769]
Dimensions Image 282 x 176 mm
Notes A rare portrait of John Balliol (before 1208, died in 1268), who founded Balliol College in Oxford around 1963. His wife Dervorguilla of Galloway (died 1290) consolidated the college after her husbands death. The founder is not to be confused with his son, John Balliol (c.1249-1314), who would be King of Scots from 1292 to 1296.

From James Granger 'A Biographical history of England, from Egbert the Great to the Revolution', which was first published in 1769.

Inscription below the portrait reads: 'Iohannes de Balliolo, pater Iohannis de Balliolo Regis Scotorum, generis nobilitate, virtute, fide, pietate, clarissimus, Fundator Collegij Balliolensis.'

Michael Burghers (1653-1727) was an engraver. Born in Amsterdam, Burghers emigrated to England soon after 1672. He worked in Oxford, initially as Loggan's assistant from 1673, and was appointed University engraver after Loggan's death in 1692.

James Granger (1723-1776) was an English clergyman and print collector. He produced the first two volumes of 'A Biographical History of England' which contained portraits of British notables. The book with its supplements published in 1774 and in several editions onwards stimulated the habit of 18th and 19th century collectors to cut prints from books to reorganise them in separate, often thematic albums or to have them illustrate text in other books. This process would be named "grangerizing" or "extra-illustrating".

Condition: Trimmed to margins. Pasted onto a sheet of paper, together with fragments of text from the accompanying text.
Framing unmounted
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