Insulae Britannicae Antiquae ex collatione veterum Geographorum et Historicorum Descriptae

Method Copper engraved with early hand colour
Artist Weigel, Christoph
Published [Christophori Weigelii Norimbergae. Cum Privilegio Sacra Caesarea Majestatis [Nuremberg, c.1718]
Dimensions 320 x 395 mm
Notes An early eighteenth century map of the ancient British Isles, with particular relevance to the Celtic and Roman periods, engraved by Weigel for Johann David Köhler's Descriptio Orbis Antiqui. The map, presented in fine early full wash colour, divides the British Isles into Hibernia (Ireland), Britannia Barbara (Scotland), and the Roman province of Britannia (England and Wales). Place names are given in Latin, and the tribal territories of the pre-Roman Celts are also shown. A boxed inset map in the top left shows the Orkney Islands, and lists the Shetlands as 'Thule' - the most northerly region of classical geography. Across the Channel, the coast of Gallia Belgica is shown. The title is enclosed in a simple box cartouche, but surrounded by illustrations of Roman and Celtic coins from British mints, the majority of the latter issued by the famous British king Cunobelinus.

Christoph Weigel (1654-1725) was a German mapmaker, publisher, and art dealer, known mostly for his travel atlases, and active in Nuremberg.

Johann David Köhler (1684-1755) was a German historian, best known for his work on Roman coins and general historical numismatics, ancient weaponry, and genealogy.

Condition: Central vertical fold, as issued. Minor time toning to margins and edges of sheet. Blank on verso.
Framing unmounted
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