Indian Rubber

Method Etching with original hand colouring
Artist after William Heath
Published Pub march 6 1831 for William Heath at 56 Quadrant
Dimensions Image 65 x 90 mm, Sheet 115 x 173 mm
Notes A group of so called 'Indians' dressed in fine clothing, playing a rubber of Bridge.

William Heath (c. 1794 - 1840) was an ex-Captain of Dragoons, illustrator of colour-plate books, and prolific caricaturist. From around 1827 he used the pseudonym Paul Pry (from the name of a character in a comedy of 1825 by John Poole, that became a tag used for any very inquisitive person) with the emblem of a small man holding a walking stick in a lower corner of his plates.

BM Satires undescribed

Condition: Slight overall dirt build up.
Framing unmounted
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