Imperium Caroli Magni Occidentis Imperatoris

Method Copper engraved with original hand colour
Artist Robert de Vaugondy, Didier
Published Paris, 1752
Dimensions 475 x 555 mm
Notes Attractive and detailed map of Charlemagne's empire, covering the British Isles, Denmark, the Low Countries, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Hungary, Poland, the Balkins, Greece, etc.

Gilles Robert de Vaugondy (1688-1766) and his son Didier (1723-1786) were French cartographers, publishers, and globe-makers, responsible for the publication of the Atlas Universel (1757), one of the most significant cartographical achievements of the 18th century. The de Vaugondy family were descendants of the cartographer Nicholas Sanson d'Abbeville, and inherited many of his plates. These were reissued with updated astronomical observations and corrected longitudinal and latitudinal information in the Atlas Universel. Didier continued reissuing the Atlas after his father's death, and was appointed geographer to Louis XV later in life. Gilles often signed his maps simply as Sr. (or Sieur) Robert, whilst Didier usually used 'Robert de Vaugondy' as his signature, occassionally adding 'fils' to clearly distinguish himself from his father.
Framing unmounted
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