Method Copper engraved with hand colour
Artist Bertius, Petrus
Published [Amsterdam, c.1616]
Dimensions 96 x 132 mm
Notes A miniature map of Hispaniola, modern day Haiti and Dominican Republic, as well as the eastern parts of Cuba, from a Latin edition of Petrus Bertius' Tabularum geographicarum contractarum. The map's borders and coasts are outlined in hand colour, and principal cities and settlements are picked out in red. In the bottom right corner, the title and a scale in German miles is enclosed in a ribbon cartouche. In the bottom left corner of the plate, two sailing vessels engage in a cannon fight, a reminder of the region's turbulent maritime history and piratical activity. The ships are flanked by a pair of sea monsters. Columbus landed on the island during his first voyage, naming the island La Isla Espanola and establishing a settlement on the northern coast, marked here as Port Natividad. Across the water from this landing point, the notorious pirate island of Tortuga, 'Turtle Island', can be seen. Tortuga flourished as a piratical gathering point during the seventeenth century, with the famous 'Brethren of the Coast' profiting from the continued territorial disputes of Spain, France, and Britain over the islands and their trade routes.

The majority of the plates for Petrus Bertius' Tabularum geographicarum contractarum libri septem were reduced versions of those published in the Mercator-Hondius Atlas Minor. The first edition, published by Cornelis Claes, was published in Amsterdam in 1600, using a suite of miniature maps first published in the Caert-Thresoor by Barent Langenes. Over the next fifty years, the Bertius atlas was issued numerous times in Latin, French, and German, its collection of maps continually increasing with new plates, the majority of which were engraved by Bertius' brothers-in-law Jodocus Hondius and van den Keere. Hondius the Younger's first issue of the Bertius atlas, published in 1616, was an immediate commercial success, and the second edition appeared later the same year.

Petrus Bertius (14th November 1565 – 13th October 1629) was a Flemish theologian, historian, geographer and cartographer and was related to Jodocus Hondius Sr. and Pieter van den Keere by marriage. Bertius studied at the University of Leiden and later traveled in Germany and Russia. In 1620 he emigrated to France where he was appointed as a cosmographer to the court Louis XIII. Bertius published a number of folio maps, but never published an atlas of his own. His maps were either separately published or included in atlases and books by other publishers.

Condition: Excellent impression. Latin title above and Latin text on verso.
Framing mounted
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