Gallia Vetus in partes II, regiones IV, provincias XVII et populos C

Method Copper engraved with original hand colour
Artist Sanson d'Abbeville, Nicolas
Published Amstelodami Apud P. Mortier. Cum Privilegio [1658]
Dimensions 432 x 528 mm
Notes A hand coloured map of classical France, showing its old borders. Part of Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Spain also included. Forests, mountain ranges and rivers included in high detail. Map from Sanson's 'Cartes et Tables de la Geographie Ancienne et Nouvelle'. Title in a fine decorative cartouche with a flurry of putti bearing a crown and laurels, and Hercules and Hermes flanking either side. A recumbent lion has been included at the bottom.

Nicholas Sanson d'Abbeville (1600 - 1667) was a French engraver and cartographer, and Geographer to Louis XIII and Louis XIV. As well as world maps, he also issued a series of historic maps to accompany popular classical texts like Caesar's Gallic Wars. After his death, he was succeeded by his sons Adrien and Guillaume, who frequently sign their work Sanson fils.

Condition: Central vertical fold as issued.
Framing unmounted
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