Feht-Ali-Khan, Schah de Perse, 1807. D'ap le Portrait, Envoye a Napoleon 1st

Method Etching
Artist Raphael Jacquemin
Published Imp. Delâtre [Paris, c.1869]
Dimensions Image 350 x 260 mm, Plate 370 x 280 mm, Sheet 450 x 315 mm
Notes A characterful mid-ninteenth century French portrait of Fath-Ali Shah Qajar, second Shah of Qajar Persia, from the Iconographie générale et methodique du costume du IVe au XIXe siècle: collection gravée a l'eau forte d'après des documents authentiques et inédits. The Shah is shown half-length, wearing a tall crown, an elaborately brocaded gown embellished with jewels and pearls, and carrying a sword and dagger. His official portraiture followed a familiar canon, emphasizing his narrow waist and long beard, the most distinctive aspects of his figure. His reign coincided with the Russo-Persian wars, which saw much of Persian territory in the Caucasus ceded to Russia. Following the refusal of aid from the British, the Shah sought the help of the French, sending a delegation to Napoleon. This lithograph is based on the portrait of the Shah presented to Napoleon by the Persian envoy. The result was the Treaty of Finkenstein, though Napoleon concluded a separate peace with Russia shortly after, leaving Persia without the support they had hoped for.

Raphael Jacquemin (1821-1881) was a French etcher and engraver.

August Delâtre (1822-1907) was a French engraver, illustrator, and publisher, and founder of l'Imprimerie Delâtre, which was continued by his son Eugène Alfred Delâtre (1864-1938).

Condition: Minor foxing and time toning to margins. Minor creasing and tears to edges of sheet, not affecting plate. Blank on verso.
Framing unmounted
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