Darjeeling Guide Map

Method Heliozincograph
Artist [Anonymous]
Published Published under the direction of Colonel H.J. Couchman, DSO, MC, Officiating Surveyor General of India, 1933. Heliozincographed at the Survey of India Offices, Calcutta.
Dimensions 1065 x 755 mm
Notes A large folding map of Darjeeling, India, published by the Survey of India in the early 1930s. The map shows topography, agricultural and industrial production (particularly tea), religious and cultural sites, major government and non-government buildings, roads, transport networks, and a host of other details. Inset maps show approaches and major routes to Sikkim, north of Darjeeling, as well as the 'Snows' of Nepal and from Observatory hill. To the left and right of the map is a long list of coordinates.

The Survey of India was founded in 1767 by the British East India Company as a means of tracking its territories and operations. Following the Indian Rebellion in 1857, the Survey provided geographic and demographic information for the British Raj, issuing maps and charts both for use in India and throughout the British Empire. The Survey has continued in an official capacity to serve the Government of India post-independence, and is today the central engineering agency for mapping and surveying in the Republic of India.

Condition: Vertical and horizontal folds as issued. Minor discolouration and small tears to folds. Faced on two verso panels with original waxed-paper covers, featuring the Crest of the Survey of India.
Framing unmounted
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