Comic Map of Europe

Method Lithograph with original hand colour
Artist after Hadol, Paul
Published [c.1880]
Dimensions 270 x 382 mm
Notes A very close copy in English of Paul Hadol's Carte drolatique d'Europe pour 1870, a political map of Europe featuring comic figures in place of nations originally intended to illustrate the Franco-Prussian war. Two lines of text below the image provide context for the map, as follows: England enraged forgets Ireland but still keeps it in her power. Spain & Portugal smoke away lazily. France tries to overthrow Prussia, who advances one hand on Holland & knee over Austria. Italy advises Bismark to keep off. Corsica & Sardinia laugh on at all. Denmark hopes to recover Holstein. Turkey is drowsily awaking from smoke. Sweeden crouching like a panther. Russia as a beggar trying for anything to fill his basket. A scale of 'Degrees of Longitude' rests between Spain and Italy in the form of a bayonet. In addition to the nations listed in the key, Switzerland is included as an Alpine hut, Turkey in Asia (as opposed to Turkey in Europe/Greece) is a lithe young woman reclining with a nargileh, the Crimea is shown as a patch stitched to the cloak of the Russian beggar, and a pack of ghostly wolves or bears follows in Russia's footsteps.

Paul Hadol (1835-1875) was a French caricaturist, illustrator, and satirist, best known for his political cartoons of the Boneparte family, as well as a seminal comic map of Europe depicting the nations as warring figures. An illustrator of everything from novels to theatre posters, his work was featured in many of the leading periodicals of his day, including Le Gaulois, Le Journal Amusant, Le Monde Comique, L'Eclipse, and La Vie Parisienne.

Condition: Central vertical fold. Repaired splits to central fold. Minor time toning to edges of sheet. Minor foxing. Remnants of old album page to verso.
Framing framed
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